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Dear friends, I am Shweta from Maharashtra, INDIA. I met Anjali aunty at the Hideout farm. I first got surprised to see her way of eating and more surprising for me was that her son ‘Manikya’ also ate this way at the age of 5 years. But I saw that he is always so fresh, active and sharp. His behaviour is not aggressive as city children at this age. He enjoys his fresh fruits and vegetables in such a way that he actually inspired me to go on a fresh raw diet. He has no cravings of others foods since he used to eat fast food in his past, although all others have other foods in front of him. Only because of him, I also decided to change to new food habits. Although I am completely addicted to some cooked and junk food, I have done this successfully for 5 days. During these days I have been feeling so fresh and energetic. Will whole heartedly want to be on this lifestyle for my whole life. Student, Maharashtra, INDIA March 2014
Indian Raw Vegan Foundation
P1000762 [640x480]
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