Roshan D’souza

Roshan Ji
Roshan is an outstanding example of the people who are struggling to migrate to the healthy diet. He was a non vegetarian, addicted to smoke and alcohol. His life was the so called, "normal life". Had no major health issues except a perennial lower back pain. He started the journey as a challenge with himself. Being low on will power towards food and the delicacies that surrounded him, his want to see how much could his body adjust to life without the daily meal was the motivation for his successful transition. With the guidance he received from Indian Raw Vegan Foundation, he over came all his addictions even before he knew it; along with overcoming all craving for the regular food as migrated to the raw vegan cleansing diet overnight . He now shares his experience for others to benefit from. Roshan now enjoys his high raw vegan lifestyle with delicious fruit smoothies and other raw foods aplenty to keep his body nourished and free from all ailments. Standing tall and being a high raw vegan, his journey has only just begun. Roshan freely shares his enthusiasm of nourishing the self in work, relations and personal life. A complete vegan in Body, Mind and Spirit.. Business Consultant, Mumbai, INDIA January 2014
Indian Raw Vegan Foundation
Roshan Ji
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