Nisha Koiri, Mumbai

My name is Nisha Koiri. In the month of May 2016, I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma i.e cancer in the left breast. I was advised immediate full mastectomy & then chemotherapy and radiation. Was informed by the surgeon if I did not undergo immediate surgery then survival after 45 days was difficult. Somehow the doctor's prognosis did not agree with me and I started researching about chemotherapy and its effects. To my extreme shock I learnt that chemotherapy drugs totally destroy the immune system, they can kill the cancer cells but cannot kill the cancer stem cells and most importantly the chemo drugs are highly carcinogenic thus cause secondary grade cancer in many cases. I also learnt that cancer cells are present in each one of us and right from the time of our birth our immune system is taking care of it.. that's when it struck me that ..that's all I have to do is boost my immune system with nutrition which will take care of the active cancer cells in my body. My search for a nutritionist led me to an organisation called 'Sharan' who propagated the Whole Foods Plant based diet to reverse diseases. I very happily adopted this lifestyle immediately. However I knew that I had to increase the raw content in my diet but somehow had a mental barrier. This is when I learnt about Anjali Sanghi's THERAPEUTIC RAW VEGAN NUTRITION programme which was happening in Mumbai in July 2016. I happily attended the event and the immense knowledge gained equipped me to follow a 100% Raw Vegan diet for 24 days. Currently my diet is almost 60% - 70% raw and along with Naturopathy and Whole Food's Plant based diet with God's Blessings I am reversing the cancer very happily without absolutely any difficulties. 2 months after following this diet in the month of August 2016 I have done a thermogram which shows absolutely no metastasis. Out of the 2 lumps 1 lump showed benign and the 2nd lump had a ? The CA 15.3 tests which I regularly do till date are very much in the normal range thus showing absolutely no metastasis. The lumps are reducing in size day by day. From the day of my diagnosis i.e May 2016 till date i.e December 2016 (6 months+) I have not missed a single day of my gym workout or my work (marketing). My suggestion to all is to take charge of your own health and to live a fully liberated fearless life because if a dis-ease like cancer can be reversed with this soooo delicious lifestyle then Life can truly be BEAUTIFUL!! The most important fact that I have learnt in my journey is that one should eat Raw Food as if it is saving your life because IT ACTUALLY IS !!! Sunday, Dec 11, 2016
Indian Raw Vegan Foundation
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