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My name is Nisha Koiri. In the month of May 2016, I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma i.e cancer in the left breast. I was advised immediate full mastectomy & then chemotherapy and radiation. Was informed by the surgeon if I did not undergo immediate surgery then survival after 45 days was difficult.

Somehow the doctor’s prognosis did not agree with me and I started researching about chemotherapy and its effects. To my extreme shock I learnt that chemotherapy drugs totally destroy the immune system, they can kill the cancer cells but cannot kill the cancer stem cells and most importantly the chemo drugs are highly carcinogenic thus cause secondary grade cancer in many cases. I also learnt that cancer cells are present in each one of us and right from the time of our birth our immune system is taking care of it.. that’s when it struck me that ..that’s all I have to do is boost my immune system with nutrition which will take care of the active cancer cells in my body.

My search for a nutritionist led me to an organisation called ‘Sharan’ who propagated the Whole Foods Plant based diet to reverse diseases.

I very happily adopted this lifestyle immediately. However I knew that I had to increase the raw content in my diet but somehow had a mental barrier.

This is when I learnt about Anjali Sanghi’s THERAPEUTIC RAW VEGAN NUTRITION programme which was happening in Mumbai in July 2016. I happily attended the event and the immense knowledge gained equipped me to follow a 100% Raw Vegan diet for 24 days.

Currently my diet is almost 60% – 70% raw and along with Naturopathy and Whole Food’s Plant based diet with God’s Blessings I am reversing the cancer very happily without absolutely any difficulties.

2 months after following this diet in the month of August 2016 I have done a thermogram which shows absolutely no metastasis. Out of the 2 lumps 1 lump showed benign and the 2nd lump had a ?

The CA 15.3 tests which I regularly do till date are very much in the normal range thus showing absolutely no metastasis. The lumps are reducing in size day by day.

From the day of my diagnosis i.e May 2016 till date i.e December 2016 (6 months+) I have not missed a single day of my gym workout or my work (marketing).

My suggestion to all is to take charge of your own health and to live a fully liberated fearless life because if a dis-ease like cancer can be reversed with this soooo delicious lifestyle then Life can truly be BEAUTIFUL!!

The most important fact that I have learnt in my journey is that one should eat Raw Food as if it is saving your life because IT ACTUALLY IS !!!

Sunday, Dec 11, 2016

Roshan Ji

Roshan is an outstanding example of the people who are struggling to migrate to the healthy diet. He was a non vegetarian, addicted to smoke and alcohol. His life was the so called, “normal life”. Had no major health issues except a perennial lower back pain. He started the journey as a challenge with himself. Being low on will power towards food and the delicacies that surrounded him, his want to see how much could his body adjust to life without the daily meal was the motivation for his successful transition. With the guidance he received from Indian Raw Vegan Foundation, he over came all his addictions even before he knew it; along with overcoming all craving for the regular food as migrated to the raw vegan cleansing diet overnight . He now shares his experience for others to benefit from.

Roshan now enjoys his high raw vegan lifestyle with delicious fruit smoothies and other raw foods aplenty to keep his body nourished and free from all ailments. Standing tall and being a high raw vegan, his journey has only just begun. Roshan freely shares his enthusiasm of nourishing the self in work, relations and personal life. A complete vegan in Body, Mind and Spirit..

Business Consultant, Mumbai, INDIA

January 2014

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Dear friends, I am Shweta from Maharashtra, INDIA.

I met Anjali aunty at the Hideout farm. I first got surprised to see her way of eating and more surprising for me was that her son ‘Manikya’ also ate this way at the age of 5 years. But I saw that he is always so fresh, active and sharp.

His behaviour is not aggressive as city children at this age. He enjoys his fresh fruits and vegetables in such a way that he actually inspired me to go on a fresh raw diet. He has no cravings of others foods since he used to eat fast food in his past, although all others have other foods in front of him.

Only because of him, I also decided to change to new food habits. Although I am completely addicted to some cooked and junk food, I have done this successfully for 5 days. During these days I have been feeling so fresh and energetic.

Will whole heartedly want to be on this lifestyle for my whole life.

Student, Maharashtra, INDIA

March 2014

Mayavi Khandelwal

When I read about this workshop on facebook, my first reaction was to learn how to make these foods as I was trying to go raw, but did not manage to do so for more than 2-3 days. Also I was worried that, I might start getting deficiencies by eating only fruits and veggies.

After the 5 day workshops my views have changed completely. I now understand that the food preparation bit is just a part of this workshop! A much larger part is about understanding the philosophy of going raw, it’s physical implications, emotional implications and very importantly spiritual implications.

This programme is an experiential one and has changed my perspective on food, health and life. For me this has been a life changing experience. It has helped me to make the transition of going raw from cooked in just in 5 days. I have lost weight in inches., pains are gone, also most important thing is that I am feeling much at peace and also very serene now. I would like to Anjali and Rupinder for everything I got.

Chef, My Pure Path, INDIA

November 2014

Vinita Maniktala

I had a lovely experience- I went vegan this year, then gradually moved to high raw. I cured my thyroid by just going vegan and adding fruits and vegs in my diet. After attending this workshop, I realized that it is possible to go fully raw and get the maximum benefits out of food we eat. There are endless possibilities for making good raw vegan meals. I really admire the fact that there are people like you who are spreading awareness and want to help others. People should realize that we are what we eat. I also realized the importance of eating organic.

Homemaker, Noida, UP, INDIA

November 2014

Padmamalini G Rao

This 5 days, in a nutshell, have completely destroyed my myths and excuses regarding embracing a raw lifestyle. This transforming experience has caused instantaneous changes in my sleep patterns, hunger pangs and energy levels. My craving for unhealthy foods has almost disappeared over-night,

Prior to this seminar, I was full of doubts and questions and disbelief. These 5 days have however opened my mind to possibilities in a way I never imagined. I would encourage everyone to go through it. The value of this experience must truly be seen to be believed.

The practical food preparation was most valuable for me as I had very dis-interested attitude towards food and edible products. The food preparation demonstration awakened me to texture and taste and I now feel that my interest in Nature’s bounty has really sparked off.

Editor, New Delhi, INDIA

November 2014

Ritu Agarwal

I was a vegan before also but only 50%. And then I saw this ad about raw vegan food preparation. Here I came to know about recipes for raw vegan. But actually when I came here, I found that recipes were only 10% part of going raw vegan. We understood about the importance of raw vegan in present scenario and how it is beneficial in long term. The training was in-fact an opening to the nutrition part which is solely responsible for a beautiful, healthy, soulful body. I experienced in 5 days, that my craving for cooked and processed food has gone now and I feel more satisfied stomach. Moreover my energy levels have also gone up. I am more peaceful and my mind is much at rest now.

Mother & Homemaker, Gurgaon, Haryana, INDIAN

November 2014


Indian Raw Vegan Foundation is not just a commitment for a cause. For me, it is the cause for my commitment! Dear Anjali, thank you for your support and guidance during my transition to fully raw. You are always available to ease my doubts, share your experience and willingly provide resources! As I continue on my journey, you and Manikya continue to be my inspiration. Naturally harmonious, your ways truly strike a chord. Rock on, shine on!

April 2015



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