Here we present to you our simple and favorite raw vegan recipes. These recipes are fully raw and vegan – they are packed with goodness of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fat, bio-available water and much more in their most natural and viable state.These recipes are potentially free of top allergens discovered till now such as eggs, milk and milk products, mustard, peanuts, seafood, soy, cacao, wheat and more. They are also completely free of refined sugar and gluten. Substitutes are also provided along with the recipes which may contain some nuts, seeds or corn.

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Although we must emphasize that eating mono meals of whole ripe fresh organic fruits, vegetables, greens can be the best source of nourishment for ourselves and our children. A mono meal means “one thing at a time, eaten in a quantity which satisfies the hunger completely”. This ensures best digestion and absorption of all essential macro and micro nutrients. Kids and adults love fruits naturally. Fruits can be had in abundance, preferably as a mono meal or by mixing minimum ingredients on regular days for optimal digestion.

Please note that the following are some generic guidelines for making raw vegan food. We encourage you to get inspired to create new recipes and share them with us. We recommend that you search online for raw vegan recipes and then make them with Indian ingredients. Enjoy the deliciousness…

Delicious fresh raw vegan recipes (updated frequently)


Lemon shots and lemon juice in pure normal temperature water are very helpful during detox. Here are simple ideas of delicious, easy to prepare drinks. They do not contain any sweetners or artificial flavors, colours, sugars, preservatives etc found in their bottled counterparts.

Vitamin C Infused Water

Vitamin Infused Water

Watermelon Splash

Jasmine Elixir

Vitamin Infused Coconut Water


Green Smoothies are one of the tastiest and easiest ways to have your greens.

In her Internationally award winning book, ‘Green for Life’, Mrs. Victoria Butenko says, “With the high oxygen content in chlorophyll and the high mineral content in green plants, greens are the most alkalizing food that exists on our planet. By including green smoothies in our diet, we can keep our bodies alkaline and healthy.”

Basics of Green Smoothie and Sweet Recipes

Summer Special Savory Indian Green Smoothie


Basics of Dips, Dressings and Soups with delicious combinations

Multi-purpose Dip or Dressing Recipe

Indian Raw Vegan Dip or Dressing

Mango or Papaya Salsa Dressing


Crunchy Green Strips with Dip


Rainbow Salad with Mango or Papaya Salsa Dressing

Creamy Raw Vegan Salad



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This page is regularly updated with new recipes. Contact us to send your suggestions and recipes.

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