Online Meeting: Friday, May 1, 8.30pm: Understanding Cravings and Social Interaction while transitioning into a new lifestyle.

We welcome you to attend The International Online Meeting on

Friday, May 1, 8.30pm to 9.30pm (IST)

‘Understanding Cravings and Social Interaction while transitioning into a new lifestyle’

The programme will be conducted by Anjali Sanghi (Founder Trustee- Indian Raw Vegan Foundation)

About Anjali Sanghi:

Anjali Manikya Sanghi

After 30 years of living a typical city vegetarian lifestyle, Anjali transited successfully to a ‘Gluten free, Sugar free Vegan lifestyle‘ and then to a ‘Fully Raw Vegan Natural Lifestyle‘ along with her young son. Both of them have now been fully raw vegans since nearly 3 years. Their transition was while living in their joint family in a city. In this meeting Anjali will share the reasons behind cravings, which make it easier to understand and move beyond them. She also shares how to lovingly, peacefully and successfully live within the current Indian family/social structure and be accepted for who you are. Much more will be shared as per the requirements of the participants.

Click Here to know more about Anjali Sanghi’s present Lifestyle and her Educational Background

This meeting will be interactive and will allow you to talk to the speaker directly.

Please join this meeting on first-come-first come basis through direct registration on 1 st May: Friday evening

This meeting can be joined through your computer, tablet or smartphone (For India and All Over the World):

Meeting Password: anjalisanghi

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or use this link:

You can also dial in using your phone.

for United States +1 (224) 501-3412
Access Code: 255-879-829
We will be sending you the password after you have joined.
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