Multipurpose dip or dressing

Multi purpose dip [1024x768]

Manikya’s favorite dip and dressing

Things Required:

Cream from 1 Young green coconut

(or half of Avocado / or hand-full of overnight pre-soaked and rinsed sun-flower seeds)

1 tomato

½ Red/yellow bell pepper

3-4 leaves of Basil or Mint

2 inch piece of Zichinni or one round groud (Tinda on Hindi)

Lemon juice to taste


Dried red chili to taste

2-3 leaves of garlic and onion plant

Other spices/herbs to taste

Some water to blend only if required

Creating dressing

Wash all produce and blend together in a blender till smooth. If you blend for a longer time then the fat in the dressing will leave oil and make it taste exactly like it’s bottled counterpart.

Used on: Cucumber noodles, Zucchini noodles, As all kinds of salad dressing, To spread or dip slices cucumbers, celery sticks, baby spinach/lettuce leaf wraps etc.


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