Message from the Founder

Namsate and Welcome,

Indian Raw Vegan Foundation was created in November 2014, with one purpose – to serve humanity move onto a path of overall well being through natural food and lifestyle. Creating awareness to common man about how, why and when to include fresh fruits and vegetables in daily life is an essential part of this endeavor. Clearing myths surrounding fruits and vegetables is also an essential part of our work. Foundation also shares regularly about how to safely begin a fruit based detox with all those to wish to know more about it.

Empowering people about resources to learn about natural lifestyle practices are also important areas of Foundation’s ‘Vision and Work’.

We look forward to support you in your next steps into experiencing abundance through these nature’s gifts. Food and Lifestyle can be major influencing factors for all that we can be, do and have in our lives. If our food is cleansing, balancing and empowering, we can experience success automatically in all aspects of life.

As the children of India and the Earth, we have always known the importance of leading a natural lifestyle as per our individual needs. We further also understand the impact of doing a regular inner detox which also includes abundance of fresh fruits, greens and vegetables. We all know the glorious benefits it can bring on our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and overall well-being. The wisdom of following a Natural Raw Vegan Detox Lifestyle (for short term) is a traditional heritage passed on by the ancient Indian dwellers to present generation.

We feel fortunate to have been chosen by nature and given an opportunity to experience having abundance of raw foods since 2012. You can find our personal updates on our website.

The Foundation’s website has many resources to support you and your family in your wish to easily include more fruits, greens and vegetables in your present life. We are constantly updating this website with lots of new recipes, upcoming events, articles from Indian and International raw vegans and more. You can also meet several high and fully Raw Vegans in India and can contact them directly to know their experiences. Please be rest assured that there are no advertisements on this website.

The esteemed members of our International Advisory Council from around the world also help us create specific solutions (in their own individual capacity) suitable for the Indian culture for both rural and urban India- on how we can further support people including, children, families, sports people, specially-abled and others to transit. You can contact them directly for personal consultation and workshops they offer.

We would like to express our special gratitude to everyone who whole-heartedly volunteered day and night- to make all this wonderful work possible. Their names are kept anonymous but their contributions are exceptional. You can also please send your suggestions and share your Testimonials with us for the benefit of all.


We are here to serve you with all our heart. Frequent free activities are conducted anonymously to empower many people.

If you wish to spread a word about this Natural lifestyle we encourage you to contribute by buying Books published by the Foundation. You can also gift these books to your friends, schools and other organizations all around the world to help them live closer to Nature. You can also choose to Donate or Volunteer is you wish to. Most contribution collected from this website goes directly for genuine public welfare activities.

You can also stay connected with us via social media and our monthly newsletter.

Best Wishes and Regards

Anjali Sanghi

President and Founder

Indian Raw Vegan Foundation