Lecture by Dr. Thomas Lodi: Myth of Disease and The Path to Health in INDIA: May 2015

It is an honour that Dr. Thomas Lodi ( a specialist in Cancer prevention and cure) will be addressing us in several cities around INDIA. We invite you to join us with all your family and friends. Please click on respective links and find more information about his work and the upcoming talks in:
Dr Lodi
Dr. Thomas Lodi founded an integrative oncology healing center in Arizona over ten years ago and is known worldwide for his comprehensive cancer care program. The foundation of his program utilizes a raw vegan diet and multi modalities for cleansing, rebalancing and enhancing all the bodies’ systems.
Dr. Lodi is a member of both conventional and alternative medical professional associations. He is licensed as Homeopathic Medical Doctor MD(H) in the State of Arizona and is licensed as Allopathic Medical Doctor (MD) in the state of New York.Besides running clinics in Arizona and Thailand, where he has helped thousands of patients recover from cancer, he travels around the world giving lectures about what it means to be truly healthy.About the talk:
The “disease” myth has so permeated our culture and poisoned the human psyche that it is tantamount to heresy to contradict this paradigm. All “civilized” people and those ignorant of the laws of nature have given their tacit consent to allow the illogical and destructive machinery born of this myth to define the way that we live, suffer and die. This lecture will expose “the lie” and elucidate the only path out of this deadly quagmire, which is living according to the laws that govern our biology.The myth of disease implies that “diseases” are entities that possess or attack. The truth is that the body is always engaged in homeostatic corrective measure to maintain functional integrity of the organism. Only by living within the parameters established by nature (God) do our bodies not need to develop these responses.To know more about Dr. Lodi please visit his website

Dr Lodis Delhi Event May 2015

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