Get Involved

It is wonderful to have you here. If you would like to get involved in the ways mentioned below or have a brilliant new idea, please Contact Us.


If you have few minutes of time in a day, anywhere in the world, you can support us through:

~ Developing text for the website

~ Creating Graphics

~ Making people aware about raw vegan foods and natural living

~ Your ideas are welcome


~ By buying our recipe and story books for yourself or for gifting to individuals, groups, libraries or all those who can benefit from them, all over the world. (Click here to view)

~ By donating financially directly into the bank account if you are living in India (CLICK HERE FOR BANK DETAILS)

Adopt an Upcoming or Ongoing Project

Adopt any upcoming project partially or fully in any way you would like to:

~ Making Indian Raw Vegan Recipe Videos

~ Collecting Nutritional information about locally available and wild Raw Vegan foods in India

~ Others