Raw Vegan Cleanse

Namaste, Welcome to Do It Yourself- Raw Vegan Cleanse!

Types of Raw Vegan Cleanse

There are many ways to do a successful raw vegan cleanse or detox. Various ways chose by people include:

-Smoothie cleanse

-Direct transition into whole fresh raw vegan diet suitable to individual needs and tastes

– Some also go a step beyond and choose complete fasting or water fasting or coconut water cleanse. Juice and water fasting should always be done under supervision only.

Most of this has been observed traditionally in several communities across India since ancient times.

The duration of these cleanses depends upon the person. They can done for 1 day, 3-7 days, 14 days, 21 days or even upto few months.

Making the choice

Make the choice of the raw vegan cleanse you would like to undertake- after you do your own research and contemplation. If you are unsure about what would be best for you- consult a practitioner who can guide your way through their experiences.

Before starting the cleanse

It’s Time for a Check-up (Optional)

blood_testIt is always suggested to do a raw vegan cleanse under supervision, especially if you suspect any existing mal-nutrition (deficiency or excess), dis-eases or dis-order. Getting a general blood checkup done (including B12 and D3 levels) under the supervision of your medical practitioner is always advised before starting on a short term raw vegan cleanse or adopting a new long term lifestyle. This will help you to choose wisely upon the foods to start with and correct the present deficiencies or excesses- immediately. Just in few days of starting the cleanse you will be able to observe heightened health, fitness and well-being, and this will increase your confidence in your choice and enhance your families trust in your long-term success on this new life-style.

Inform your family that you are doing or trying this cleanse

P1000811 [640x480]When your loved one’s know that you are doing something new, their support brings motivation and encouragement. Inform them whether you are choosing to go fully raw vegan for few days or just adding more fruits and vegetables before your daily meals. Sharing makes everything enjoyable.



 Bring loving and encouraging thoughts to yourself.

Looking Ahead_Anjali Sanghi_31Dec2012 - Copy [640x480]It is very well known that when you consciously bring loving and encouraging thoughts to yourself, life brings positive outcomes. All matter is energy. When we would begin something so pure & natural like this with energy of peace, smiles, faith and confidence in Powers of Nature, then they will surely materialize in a very superior experience for all of us. Please remember that if done properly, this natural cleanse can bring about nourishment not just for your body but also bring healing at all levels of body-mind-soul-spirit (as observed by many already in India). So let go of complains and allow nature to support you with creative resolutions at all levels…


A Do-It-Yourself RAW VEGAN CLEANSE which is easy to do any-where in the world, doing whatever you do…

This way involves eating (or blending and drinking) your favourite fruit in the quantities you desire along with greens to further add more micro-nutrients required by you. You will love this way of eating abundantly just in a matter of few hours you begin. This is similar to the mono-fruit island and banana island done by some, however we add fresh greens definitely.

The need for calorie restriction is not advised as this food is pure, nutrient dense and rich in water which is an essential macro-nutrient. Eat abundantly and live freely especially if you wish to balance your weight, health and feel fully nourished.

Immediate benefits that people in India have observed just by doing this:

~ Helps give the digestive system a much needed and well deserved rest without fasting.

~ Allows body to absorb nutrition abundantly from one kind of food.

~ Nourishes you not just in the body, but also in your soul and spirit. Balances your life on Earth by supporting you in excelling both materially and spiritually.

~ Supports the body in reversing acute and chronic conditions or pain. You will thus be able to reduce your medication with the help o your doctor. Some people who have continued further on a balanced Raw Vegan Diet as per individual needs have been completely healed from inside out. Please remember that this food does not heal directly but acts as the best raw material to help our inner healing power to function at it’s continued best.

~ Supports complete de-addiction. Helps to people to detox effortlessly from known and un-said addictions. Please read the testimonials section to know real examples.

~ Makes you feel very peaceful, calm and yet full of energy and vibrancy.

~ Helps you detox from any toxins within your body and the whole being.

~ Brings your body to optimal weight while eating abundantly.

~ Brings immense clarity of mind, sharper memory and abundance.hand

~ Supports Earth, the environment and all other species on the planet.

~ Many other benefits…


Congratulations on choosing this joyful and easy way for your self. Everything has been made very easy for you. Here is a step-wise with some meal plan ideas.

STEP A: Start adding simple cut fruit or fruit smoothie or green smoothie or cut cucumbers or cut tomatoes or simple salad before every cooked meal. There are many simple quick to make, nutritious raw vegan recipes on this website.

Slowly increase their quantity over the period of few days, weeks or months as suitable to you.

Very gently replace one meal and make it fully raw.

Then make the second meal fully raw.

Once you have achieved this in a healthy and happy way then you can proceed to the next step.


– Make a list of fresh, ripe fruits, vegetables, greens, sprouts you like.

– See what is locally and seasonally available now.

– Stock them in your home as per how much you can eat.

– Eat a good serving of your favourite fruit or salad BEFORE your cooked meal.

– Do not mix raw and cooked foods as their digestion time is different. Do not have fruits in or as your dessert or sweet dish.

– Do not eat raw foods which you don’t like or which don’t suit you. Slowly your body will come to like them also.

– Do not mix fresh fruits and vegetables with any animal products including milk, curd, cheese, cream etc for best digestive health.

-Learn Food Combination and Sequencing for best digestive health and to avoid any gas, bloating etc with raw food.

– Try not to make complicated recipes in the beginning. Keep it simple. Just cut as many bananas or mangoes or tomatoes or cucumbers you like and have them to your hearts content.


Step 1: When you are ready, choose a fresh ripe fruit which is presently locally available as per the current season. Organic or home grown produce will ensure it’s highest quality.

Common examples about what people love to choose:






Oranges/ Tangerines/ Mausambies (juiced with fiber)

Or others.

Papaya chikoo Oranges and orange juice

Choose your Greens: Choose from locally available seasonal mildly flavoured greens like coriander, baby spinach, amaranth/matt leaves, moringa leaves, lettuce, celery which will taste good with your fruit if you blend them together. You can also additionally choose herbs like basil etc to add flavor. You can also choose Kakdi or Pealed Cucumbers instead of the green leaves

coriander and mint Book-Vegetables-Red-Green-Leaf-Romaine-Lettuce greens

Step 2: Eat as much as you like. It is best to educate yourself about how much you need to eat

Click here to know about Recommended Daily Allowances and Calories for Indians.

‘It is advised however not to overeat beyond your present capacity which only you can feel. Listening truly to you body and taking action accordingly is always the best for our well-being. Also eating when we feel true hunger is advised.’

Step 3: Procure your produce in bulk (if you would like to do this for a few days)


This step is optional. It is just to ensure that you have ripe fruits at home so that you can continue easily without needing to worry about your next meal or give in to eating whatever is available.

Step 4: Go For It!

For any average person having 2000+ Calorie Diet: here is how your day may look like if you are choosing Ripe Bananas. Increase or change your food or frequency as required

Option 1: Banana Green Smoothie (Skip greens if desired in any meal and just make banana milk)

Green Smoothie [800x600]

Morning 6-8 medium bananas and greens blended with water or coconut water 2-3 glasses of banana green smoothie
Afternoon 6-8 medium bananas and greens blended with water or coconut water 2-3 glasses of banana green smoothie
Evening 6-8 medium bananas and greens blended with water or coconut water 2-3 glasses of banana green smoothie
3 Meals Average Total 20 bananas with 500 gms + greens= 2000+ calories Please chew your smoothies for better digestion

More Options: Replace any meals with:

Scoops of delicious ice-cream: 6-8 medium frozen bananas blended to form ice-cream. Add some vanilla powder for Vanilla flavor. Simple Recipe here.

Banana ‘milk’: 6-8 medium bananas blended with water or coconut water. Add cardamom (Elayachi) powder for flavor if desired. Makes 2-3 glasses.

A bowl of salad: Finely cut 6-8 medium bananas and greens (like lettuce, ice-berg lettuce, or locally available greens) and have a salad. Optionally Blend 1-2 banana with pinch of vanilla powder for creamy dressing.

Eat your fruit: 6-8 medium ripe bananas can be cut into pieces or had directly.

Replace greens with as much cucumber or kakadi as desired. Please do not mix these with the bananas.

~ Please chew your food for better digestion.

Calorie information about fruits* (Add greens as desired)

Name of Fruit Quantity for Aprox. 2000 Calories Number of Pieces and weight per piece
Bananas 19-20 medium size pieces 19-20 pieces of 7” to 7-7/8” (medium size) 118 grams each
Mango 3.4 kgs without refuse 10 fruits without refuse 336 gm each
Chikoo/ Sapodilla 2.5 kg + 15 fruits of 3” Diameter or 170 grams each
Papaya 4.7 Kg 6 pieces of 781 grams each
Peaches 5.25 Kg 35 pieces of 2-2/3” diameter (medium size) 150 grams each
Fresh Squeezed Tangerine juice (with Fiber) 3.8 kg Juice from 43 pieces of 2-1/2” diameter (medium size) 88 grams each
Watermelon 6.8 kg 1.5 pieces of 15” long of 7-1/2” Diameter- 4518 grams each

If you need more ideas with other fruits and want to know ways to check if your nutritional requirements are being fulfilled- then join us on the Facebook support group : INDIAN RAW VEGANS, where we are all doing this together.


~ Keep drinking fresh pure water (room temperature) to hydrate yourself and support detox only as much as your body needs.

~ If you do not prefer water to mix water with fruits for some reason than choose Coconut Water.

~ Exercise and Walk: Do any kind of exercises you love to do for minimum of 30-45 minutes in a day to support your detox, strengthening of body, release of emotions easily and many other benefits. You can also choose walking, sports, mild yoga etc as per your liking.

~ Sleep and Rest: This cleanse can release a lot of energy, but do take time to sleep on time and be rested to ensure that the extra energy can be used for inner healing.

~ Positive thinking and Meditation: Bring positive affirmations, healing work and meditation of choice: into your days to reconnect to nature within you and reap all benefits they bring.

~ Add acupressure, laughing, singing, dancing and other joyful experiences into your day.

~ Helping a bath with pure water at-least once a day helps clear out toxins released from the skin.

~ Take care of your dental hygiene and health. It is also recommended to rinse your mouth thoroughly after having your meals.

~ Remind your self to smile often.

~ Learn about detox, cravings, natural hygine and nutrition in fresh fruits and vegetables.

~ Write down your experiences (whether pleasant or un-pleasant) and observe your progress at the end of the cleanse.

Common detox symptoms may include: Headache, Nausea, Rashes, Fever, Cold etc. but are generally accompanied by a feeling of deep inner peace.

More for you:

~ You can change or add different kinds of fruits or greens as desired or available.

~ If you wish to return back to your previous lifestyle then do so gradually by adding easy to digest foods in the beginning.

~ Take measure to balances your B12 and D3 levels (if found low) under the supervision of your practitioner.

~ If you wish to move into a balanced raw vegan lifestyle as per your needs you can read the following:

Click Here to view more Resources


Article Raw Vegan Navratre Cleanse by Anjali Sanghi


~ Check the quality of produce. Conventional produce is often exposed to chemicals or heated chambers which results in the fruits getting cooked at higher temperatures. Try organic or tree ripened better quality produce.

~ Take rest and help the body recover from years of previous lifestyle experiences.

~ Contact a practitioner who can support you.

You can join us on the Facebook support group : INDIAN RAW VEGANS, where we are all doing this together.

We look forward to read your wonderful experiences…

Best Wishes from Indian Raw Vegan Foundation

‘This raw vegan cleanse was started on the occasion of Earth Day on 22nd April 2015’


RV Cleanse

DISCLAIMER: All that is being shared here is in the best interest of the masses. It is completely natural, potentially allergen free and has no side effects what so ever, other than few occasional detox symptoms noted by few people. This cleanse is recommended for adults only. In-case you choose to make diet and lifestyle changes, you are yourself legally responsible for your actions. Please do this only if you feel it is suited for you or consult a qualified practitioner for guidance. Nothing here is a substitute for medical advise directly or in-directly. Best Wishes. Team-IRVF