Buritto [1024x768]

Photo of a very simple Burrito which can be made instantly.


Things Required:

Leave from 1 iceberg or green lettuce (or any locally available big salad leaf)

1 tomato sliced into small pieces

½ bell peppers sliced into small or square pieces

1 cucumber sliced into small pieces or strips

Few pieces of sprouts

Few leaves of coriander, basil and other herbs.

Lemon Juice to taste

Any other garnish (optional): red chilli powder, finely chopped leaves of green onion, cumin seeds etc.

 Dressing: Multipurpose dressing or it’s variation

Assembling the wrap or burrito

Wash and dry burrito leaf wraps

Spread the sauce in the centre of leaf wrap and add your toppings.

Start to roll your burrito from one side; Roll it over and place it on your plate.

Slice it in the centre or add a toothpick if required.

Enjoy the deliciousness..

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