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Basics of Dips, Dressings and Soups

Here are two simple ways of creating dips, dressings or soups: Fruity Blend any juicy fruit (eg. Papaya, orange, pineapple, kiwi, mango, pitted cherry etc.) bell pepper, tomatoes. with herbs/ green leaves of choice, celery, Add other flavours if required initially like onion chives, chilli powder etc. Lower Fat Blend any sour or non sweet…

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Vitamin C Infused Water

Contributed by: Mrs. Rupinder Kaur, New Delhi, INDIA Things Required: 1 Jar Fresh Water or Coconut water Few pieces of Gooseberry (Awla) 2 lemons or lime 1 Orange (Optional) Mint leaves (Poudina)/ other leaves o choice. Other fruit of choice (optional) Fridge to keep overnight if requied Glass or bamboo straw Creating Vitamin C Infused…

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Vitamin Infused Water IRVF

Vitamin Infused Waters

What are VitaminĀ  Infused Waters? We have found this to be the most delicious way to have your water… They are for everyone… They are hydrating…Look tempting…Are definitely highly safe & nourishing… They are one of the easiest ways to sneak in lot of precious & natural fruity nutrition into your, your kids and families…

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Watermelon splash

Serves 4 Things Required: 1 Watermelon 50 grams washed Mint leaves (Poudina) 1 knife Blender or Juicer 1 Sieve Glasses to serve Creating Watermelon Splash: Cut and blend/juice watermelon Sieve it through a strainer to remove any extra seeds or pulp (if required) Serve it into glasses Add few mint leaves from top. Keep for…

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Jasmine Elx [1024x768]

Jasmine Elixir

(Contributed by: Mrs. Sangeeta Chabra, Owner, Hideout organic farm and fruit forest, Maharashtra, INDIA) Serves 1 Take fresh wild or naturally growing jasmine (Mogra) flowers. Put them in a glass of water for half an hour. You can also keep this glass in a fridge for cooling it. The drink is ready to relish. Please…

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