Organic Stores, Websites, Farmers and More in New Delhi-NCR, INDIA

DELHI & NCR: RECOMMENDED STORES/SUPPLIERS FOR ORGANIC PRODUCTS/PRODUCE Shares by MEENU’s Praana Kitchen and other residents of Delhi NCR. Contact us to share if you wish to add more reliable resources here. STORES The Roots Organic Lifestyle Store Contact Person : Daisy Malik Contact Number : +91 9811019811,+91 1141025191 Address : 25, Adchini (Near Mothers…

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Indian Raw Vegan Survey-2016

We are updating the Foundation’s website to help everyone serve better and we humbly request your support. Please Click Here for the form   INTRODUCTION There are many daily level questions which people have about a starting a raw vegan lifestyle like use of locally available foods, sustainability, travel, nourishment, consulting practitioners, disease prevention, kids,…

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Wow fest Anjali Sanghi

‘Power of Raw’ at Wow Fest in Bangalore: 5 Dec 2015: 1 pm

Anjali Sanghi would be addressing participants at the WOW FEST Bangalore’s First Exclusive Wellness Festival on 5 DECEMBER 2015 from 1 pm – 1.30 pm on ‘Power of Raw’ amongst other eminent speakers. Venue: THE GREEN POCKET, RUSTAM BAGH, BANGALORE- 560017 ALL ARE CORDIALLY INVITED. Click Here to Book Your free ticket now with the…

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Delicious creamy raw vegan salad

This delicious creamy Raw Vegan Salad is loved by everyone in Anjali Sanghi’s family in New Delhi, INDIA. Very delicious and filling delight for mealtimes.  Serves :2 – 4 people. Recipe– To a Finely diced one iceberg lettuce add juice of one lemon and mix well. Then add finely diced one yellow bell pepper, two…

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Programmes by Anjali Sanghi in New Delhi- November 2015

Programmes for everyone including parents, teachers, caregivers, students, elderly, sports people and parents of special needs. Empower yourself through these programmes by Anjali Sanghi in New Delhi, INDIA. POWER OF RAW Sunday, 22nd November 2015, 9AM TO 12.30 PM, Inderpuri, New Delhi  Contribution: Rs. 500- per participant by 21st Nov 2015 OR Rs. 750- on…

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Vitamin Infused Coconut Water

A delightful vitamin Infused coconut water by Anjali Sanghi. Recipe : Add few pomegranate seeds, few pieces of finely diced apples, cucumbers and oranges into a glass. Top it up with fresh coconut water and garnished with a mint leaf or two. Let the flavours mix and enjoy. So refreshing. Click here for lots of…

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