Namaste, Welcome to the Indian Raw Vegan Foundation. We’re a registered Public Charitable Trust working to spread awareness about healthful raw vegan living in India and around the world. A natural raw vegan diet consists of foods like fruits, greens, vegetables, sprouts, with some nuts and seeds (as suitable)- which have not been heated to more than 42 degrees Celsius. Unlike any other, this natural lifestyle helps you nourish your whole being including your body, mind, soul and spirit optimally. It also can help protect you from many known dreaded diseases. An age-appropriate, balanced, natural raw vegan diet is suitable for both for children and adults.

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On this website we are constantly updating a wide range of information for you on food, health, lifestyle, parenting and education. Come, let’s start this beautiful journey to greater health, well being, peace and smiles… let’s go raw.

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