Raw Vegans in India

Meet the Indians who have lead or are leading partial or high raw vegan foods and natural lifestyle (For short-term or long term). In alphabetical order:

Anjali Sanghi
Anjali Sanghi

Anjali is the President & Co-Founder Trustee of ‘Indian Raw Vegan Foundation’. She also an author, artist and speaker.

Anjali has become a medium of innovating several wonderful recipes included in her books- like the famous ‘Indian Raw Vegan Delicacies’: Chat, Main-course, Drinks, Sweets and more… . She has also written several other story books, recipe books including Indian Vegan Steamed Recipes.

Anandi Ji_1

Anandi Vaithialingam, Auroville, Tamil Nadu

Anandi Vaithialingam is the Director of Raw Food Centre in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, INDIA. The Centre runs ‘The Satchitananad Raw Vegan Restaurant’ which serves raw vegan, organic and delicious soups, salads, pasta, sauces, pizzas, breads, crackers, chocolate mousse, pies, ice creams and more… It also offers daily workshops, residential courses and retreats for everyone.

She has been trained in 10 week Spiritual Live Food Apprentice Programme from Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Arizona, USA. She is now passionate about sharing the benefits of including more Raw Vegan foods in your lifestyle. She holds an intense desire of bringing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health to everyone, which is the very base of all well-being, there by uplifting our planetary consciousness.

Aruna - Copy

Aruna Maheshwari, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Before three years Aruna had several health issues including mild Hidradenitis suppurativa (painful recurrent skin breakouts like boils). Modern medicine or Ayurveda could not cure it. They could only help her in managing the problem. She got weaker and was tired almost always for no reason. After giving birth to her 1st baby things became worse. She had no stamina to take care of her baby and was suffering from chronic fatigue, constipation, mood swings, boils, giddiness, diabetics and more… Aruna then stumbled on Raw food Detox and gave it a try.
In just 20 days her energy level increased and her HS, was almost gone. Her eyes & throat became clear, No flatulence, No odor in feces, urine & sweat (which is a miracle that can happen only when you put the right fuel to your body). After 2 months her blood sugar became normal, no mood swings or giddiness. She lost extra weight, tiredness and got better with great clarity in mind… She slowly regained her health and is now enjoying every moment of life with her kid and family.
Accidentally she also followed the laws of nature and received optimal body-mind as a gift from mother nature. She says that: ‘This natures Diet (yogic/Sattvic diet) helps in spiritual growth.’ Her meditation has become more deep.

Aviram photo_1

Aviram Rozin, Auroville, Tamil Nadu

Aviram Rozin, a pro raw vegan, is the co-founder and International Director of SADHANA FOREST, a vegan volunteer community and non-profit addressing issues of deforestation, climate change and animal rights in India, Haiti and Kenya. Eleven years after its founding and with the help of thousands of international volunteers, Sadhana Forest teaches Permaculture and sustainable living, increases food security through ecological transformation, reclaims wasteland to productivity and restores groundwater levels, all of which help to raise local living standards. Aviram has trained people in Permaculture and food forestry India, Haiti, Kenya, the US, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the UK, Morocco and Brazil.  He lives with his wife, Yorit, the Co-Founder of Sadhana Forest and their two daughters in Sadhana Forest in Auroville, South India.


Shri B.V. Chauhan, Gujrat

Shri Balu Valjibhai Chauhan is a B. E. Electrical and retired in Sept. 2004 as a Superintending Engineer,Gujarat Electricity Board. He then started an integrated programme of primarily a Raw Vegan lifestyle and made “World Without Medicine” as his mission.

He has conducted more than 1200 seminars in India & abroad through which crores of people have already benefitted worldwide. His activities have spread on their own through word of mouth. Millions of people all over the world have started implementing his ‘New Diet System’ and have got rid of chronic diseases and have improved their health. Thousands of people have changed their dietary system in India particularly in state of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu Kashmir, Bihar, Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, etc. There are followers in countries like U.K., USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, East Africa, Belgium and more.

Kriti Maciek Kolbusz

Kriti Sachdeva and Maciek Kolbusz, UK

Maciek Kolbusz is originally from Poland, but spent the past 10 years living in Ireland, India and now UK. He has been raw vegan for over 4 years after the extensive studies on food and nutrition. He is a practitioner of Natural Hygiene certified by Transformation Institute, US. He is currently writing articles about health for books and websites.

Kriti Sachdeva from India, Maciek’s wife, holds a certificate in Nutrition from University of Virginia, and is also a professional Yoga and classical dance teacher. Besides training Yoga teachers in the UK, Kriti also manages a page on Facebook through which she shares useful information about healthful living. She has conducted many raw vegan workshops in India. She is now researching on the link between Yoga, Vedas, and Satvik raw food.

They organize talks and conduct raw vegan workshops in Poland, UK, Bangkok and India. They have been featured in many articles by the press because of their Satvik raw vegan lifestyle.

Mooaa Appan

Shri Mooaa Appan, Tamil Nadu

Over 75 years old, he is an icon of health through leading raw vegan lifestyle by an example in a small village called Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu, INDIA. Around 50 years ago he healed himself out of Leprosy through Raw Vegan Lifestyle and has made fruits his food since then. He is a retired as a rural welfare government officer and now helps heal people from all over the world from diseases including cancers through his ashram. He has written several books on Raw Vegan Lifestyle in Tamil.

Rupinder Ji [1280x768]

Rupinder Kaur, New Delhi

Rupinder Kaur is the creator of raw rasoi and author of her first e-book ‘Start Your Day Raw’. She has not only become a living example of healing her innumerable health challenges but also inspiring and guiding many other people to follow this lifestyle and achieve fruitful results. Rupinder is a pioneer and visionary working meticulously on spreading the raw food movement in India. 
Rupinder took it as a challenge to fight her health crisis with full dedication and turned to a high carb low fat raw vegan diet over night in mid 2013 when modern medicines and doctors failed to diagnose her health issues post jaundice. Her magical experience of getting rid of her childhood asthma, low B/P, anemia, chronic digestion issues and pain under her feet etc. with just a change in diet and lifestyle has led her to believe that ‘Food is our Medicine’ and she took it as a divine message to guide and inspire others.
Hailing from the beautiful city of Patiala, she has deep roots in the Indian culture and heritage, for which she gives credit to her family; especially her mother Late Gunwant Kaur who inspired her creative pursuit since childhood. Rupinder is a gold medalist and University topper from Punjab University, Chandigarh in Art History as well as a topper in fashion designing. She combines her immense knowledge of Indian traditions and practices such as Ayurveda, her award-winning artistic talents garnered since she was a child, her experience in working in the publishing industry as an editor, in her new found love in raw food.
She lives in New Delhi and devotes her time between being a mother to a beautiful son and a wife to a doting husband. Her commitment towards helping others live a healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste is remarkable. Rupinder loves to share her knowledge and experience in the most easy and doable manner and hence she has written a free e-book Start Your Day Raw on how to introduce fresh fruits and greens in your diet for better health and digestion. She gives personalised coaching and even offers raw food preparation classes in New Delhi where she teaches various living food recipes with love and reverence. Rupinder’s mission is to simply reach people and spread the message of healing with a plant based diet. If you are ready to go raw, Rupinder is there to help you!

Dr. Kaur

Dr. Soorya Kaur, New Delhi

Dr. Soorya began her journey into conscious eating at the early age of 16.  Today, after 49 years of experimenting with fasting and mono diets, Dr. Soorya eats primarily a raw food diet. Ten years ago she was introduced to the raw food concept and knew right away this was the correct way of eating for her.  Soorya ardently believes in what she teaches and sets an example through her own lifestyle. Her commitment is motivated by a fundamental belief that well being is the act of returning the body, mind and spirit to a state of balance and requires a person to ‘experience’ a transformation, not just teach or study it methods.

Soorya is a Doctor of Acupuncture, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, as well as a teacher of Kundalini Yoga and a Somatic Movement Educator. She is the CEO/Director of the Sustainable You Wellness Center in New Delhi.  Dr. Kaur offers private healing sessions, group courses and customized detox cleansing programs intended to support and empower clients on their own journey of self-healing to improved physical, emotional, and spiritual health.